The common denomenator...spiritual energy.

Clearly the complex nature of the energy within our physical world forms part of the energy force available to be utilised by those spirit people wishing to physically demonstrate their continuing existence and this has changed through manipulation and evolvement considerably over the years. 
I have personally been fortunate to have witnessed séance demonstrations when ectoplasm has been seen to build into physical substance, resulting in solid form becoming both seen and felt.  I have further witnessed ectoplasmic structures  presented in various forms in order to enable independent/ direct voice to become heard or to move objects placed remotely from the designated medium. However, always during such demonstrations there has been a risk of harm to the medium, and this has caused fear to become attached to the subject of physical mediumship, which is actually a natural phenomenon.  It seems to me now that the spirit world have evolved new ways of working, which has overcome this hazard.

I have heard others describe a 'new' energy form currently being developed and witnessed within their own circles. Some descriptions offered are similar to how I might describe that which I have personally witnessed within the Lodge setting, but not all.  Every séance circle utilises elements of energy that are unique unto themselves after all.  

I currently support several mediums for development here in the Lodge and each sits independently within a supportive environment, whilst utilising the shared 'battery' of energy held within the building.  Consequently, although each medium is developing to demonstrate different forms of evidential spiritual phenomena, seances here are displaying many elements that are similar.  Without focussing on the elements that are different one from another, I will try my best to describe what I am currently witnessing in I feel all to have a common denominator, that is spiritual energy.  I will now do my best to describe the 'common denominator' elements that I personally witness currently when sitting with the developing and demonstrating mediums within the Lodge environment. 

The energy appears, like ectoplasm, to exude from sitters as well as the medium. This factor becomes demonstrated when a sitter moves and a connected sitter sways or feels pulled or rebuffed by the connecting energy, according to the nature and behaviour of the connecting force.   
It is therefore made clear by such demonstration that the energy can be utilised outside of a cabinet and also that the force can be felt within lit conditions, with the participants fully conscious...although it does seem to be felt more strongly within dimmed light. 

The energy force may build to be seen physically, as clouds of fine 'mist' that build in density, seemingly within the mediums aura. The clouds have self-illumination to a lesser or greater degree and often this phenomena appears holographic.  The energy may be seen as pulsating luminescent clouds in blackout conditions, and may be similarly seen within dimly lit conditions.  The cloud-like phenomena very often presents with an 'electric' fizzy appearance...or displays in fine strands, like silk fibre that forms fine net, web or mesh.  Pulsating light may be seen within the webs or cloud shapes and the holographic affect sometimes becomes further enhanced by the appearance of 'something' showing within it. The 'electric' consideration is interesting, as the clearest demonstrations occur within damp atmospheric conditions, and I have noticed that the phenomena appears more subdued within dry weather.  That said...I have recently witnessed clearly presented phenomena on a dry and very warm day!

Sometimes during a demonstration the medium has reported feeling tingling upon their skin...and sitters have occasionally reported the same.  Several mediums have also reported feeling a 'creeping' mass moving up and down their face or arm...this latter has also been reported at the coinciding time that I have personally witnessed a cloudy dense mass in that area.  Upon occasion the dense mass has appeared solid, showing a hand resting atop of another, and so on.  On a few occasions the medium has described feeling a solid weight sitting upon her lap, or resting upon her hand.  From this description you will realise that the mediums have been conscious during the demonstrations of these forms of phenomena...thereby further indicating that unconsciousness is not a requirement.

It seems to me that very gradually the mediums auric field (and likely too that of the sitters) expands...and the cloudy, energetic mass within the auric field does likewise.  The density appears most strongly around the medium...and when the medium moves or walks in the room the mass can very often be seen attached to them and moving with them.  However, there is conscious and intelligent spiritual control demonstrated also as sometimes a 'gap' may be seen between the medium's physical form and the cloudy formation.  I personally believe as a result of observation, that the 'cloudy mass' is being caused to appear more densely at a distance from the medium, with the connection between becoming less densely apparent, which gives the impression of the distant cloud being itself an independent formation.

The pulsating holographic light phenomena can also present faces and other shapes within its mass. The holographic light form has often now become projected...appearing somewhat distant from the mediums physical self....3ft or so away in fact...although remaining connected.

The same energetic mass might also act to connect a medium to a chair or table, or séance trumpet, sometimes causing mist or fizzy smoke to become seen around the 'inanimate' object.
The connective energy may also result in sound emanation from an object...with small popping sounds, like rain or maybe more like an electrical discharge becoming clearly audible. 
With development, louder more complex sounds have become demonstrated in an intelligent manner, with complex rapping and tonal sound changes also becoming heard. 

It is, I feel, clear that this present 'new' energetic substance is as versatile in its form and presentation as ectoplasm, whilst it beneficially presents no harm to the medium.  Any mass, be it holographic or cloudy in its presentation, simply disappears if disturbed...although those working within it often report experiencing some physical reaction to the disturbance of the connective force.

As a result, and in response to, the changes being made by the spirit world to enable the various energetic forms to become effectively demonstrated, most of the seances now being held within the Lodge environment are held it dimly lit conditions.  Without need for darkness lit conditions are our preference.  However at times blackout remains the choice, for at present some forms of phenomena appear to require or greatly benefit from this.  The cabinet remains in regular use here as it offers a focal point, acts as an energy portal and offers a place of comfort and privacy for mediums experiencing or recovering from an altered state of consciousness (when applicable).

Chris Di Nucci